PMO is a Misnomer

PMO is A Misnomer

Larry Blair, Senior Project Manager, discusses how project management is often a misnomer and is more than just management of a project. That is part of it, but it is also management of smaller area that come together into one big organization.

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About PMO

About PMO

Jeff Keller, PE, PMP discusses how PMO at Mesa can pull together other groups and take it from the strategic level down to actionable series of portfolios, programs, and projects.

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Get to Know PMO

Get to Know the PMO Team

This video is an introduction to the PMO team and provides a brief insight into what each team member do for Mesa. Jeff Keller, PE, PMP is the Director of PMO. Shanna Bullock, PMP, is a Project Manager in Quality. Eli Schott is a Program Manage for Power Deliver Substation (PDS). Nick Fox, PE, PMO is a Program Manager. Larry Blair is a Senior Project Manager. Tim Rauch, PE, is a Senior Program Manager.

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