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Our Safety Record

Mesa takes pride in our safety record and prioritizes the health and safety of our employees and those around us. We understand that safety must be integrated into our designs for the ultimate health and welfare of those who will utilize and operate the facilities and processes we design. Mesa utilizes Integrated Safety Management by providing a formal, organized process that enables people to plan, perform, assess, and improve the safe conduct of work.

The Mesa Safety Department embraces the belief that all work-related injuries and illnesses are preventable.  Safety must be a habit and is an integral part of everything we do. In support of this, the Mesa Safety Department consistently focuses on the following.

  • Promote a positive attitude towards safety.
  • Promote a constant proactive awareness of safety to associates.
  • Set safety goals encouraging safe work practices and measure the safety program’s success.
  • Train employees on specific knowledge needed to perform tasks safely.
  • Assist associates in identifying safety hazards, the appropriate hazard mitigation steps, and PPE requirements.
  • Conduct timely and thorough investigations of all unsafe conditions, unsafe acts, near misses, and actual accidents.
  • Ensure that each employee understands they must stop a job/task to prevent an unsafe incident.
  • Regularly review and evaluate safety and security programs to ensure they are effective and up to date.

Our safety program is always evolving and changing based on the environments our work takes us. Engaging and learning from our associates allows us to provide a connection to the “WHY” of safety, which in turn gives us the positive safety culture we desire. A strong focus on behaviors and how they affect the safety of associates helps us mitigate risks before they become a habit. A conscious and competent safety-first mentality can put the odds much more in your favor, considering 85% to 95% of all safety incidents are behavior-based. Our safety program and the culture created by it serve as an important reminder to all employees that Safety IEverybody’s Business (SIEB).

Here is a look at some of our safety statistics for 2023.

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Last Recordable Injury03/30/2023
Last Lost Time Injury02/07/2023
Last DART03/30/2023
Last RVA08/28/2023
Year-end 2023 Hours without a Loss Time Incident – 1,785,486