PPE Equipment

Our Safety Record

Mesa was founded upon a dream to provide a high quality of life to our employees and their families. Because life is invaluable and good health is paramount to a quality and productive life, occupational illness and injury prevention are of the utmost importance.

Mesa takes pride in our safety record and places a priority on the health and safety of our employees and those around us. We understand that safety must be integrated into our designs for the ultimate health and welfare of those that will utilize and operate the facilities and processes we design. Mesa utilizes Integrated Safety Management by providing a formal, organized process that enables people to plan, perform, assess, and improve the safe conduct of work. We consider any workplace injury unacceptable and believe that with proper training, precautions and processes in place, all accidents are preventable.

Our safety program and the culture created by it serve as an important reminder to all employees that Safety IEverybody’s Business (SIEB).