TVA Prime Supplier Award

Supplier Diversity Program

Mesa was at one time a small, woman, and minority owned business. We have grown into a large business as a result of the small and diverse business contracting plans of larger businesses. We know the importance of using small and diverse businesses and offering them the opportunity to grow, as Mesa has. Our Corporate Diversity Plan is updated annually and details responsibilities, goals, and the activities needed to achieve those goals:

  • Ensure Small And Diverse Businesses Are Afforded The Opportunity To Compete On Scopes Of Work That Are Subcontracted By Mesa
  • Assure That Small And Diverse Businesses Are Being Fully Utilized And Have The Tools To Make Them Successful As A Supplier To Mesa
  • Actively, Routinely, And Directly Seek Out Qualified Small And Diverse Business Enterprises That Can Provide Price Competitive And High-Quality Commodities And Services

Mesa actively seeks opportunities to promote and support small and diverse businesses. We engage and partner with supplier diversity advocacy groups, non-profit organizations, trade associates, and other state and federal agencies to assist in the development of small and diverse businesses. We have participated in panel discussions, supplier forums, and even represented our clients at conferences aimed at helping minority, women, and veteran owned businesses increase their competitiveness and develop professional relationships.

As we have demonstrated to our clients, small and diverse businesses, when given the opportunity to compete, will perform and add value on their own merit.