Modern and Modular Hydropower Systems

Our commitment to clean, renewable power generation is important to us! We now offer small generating units that minimizes the impact on the environment from its installation, operation, and generation. The units replace diesel-powered generators used for plant startup, provide a source for plant battery or grid-based BESS configurations, and provide a continuous flow of water to support or maintain minimum stream flow requirements.

The Modular


Enhanced Efficiency


Modern, Modular


The base hydro unit can handle water heads ranging from 10 to 40 feet. Our goal is to enhance this low-head design further and develop a new design for applications up to 150 feet of head. We will then be able to provide for our client’s need by offering them with these two small-generating solutions. For more information, please contact Bo Hadjerioua, PhD, F. ASCE, Director of Integrated Water Resource Management, by CLICKING HERE.

Check out our solutions and let us know how Mesa can best serve your hydro needs:


Our modernized Kaplan turbine is a modular, low-head hydroelectric turbine design for projects 75kW to 250kW depending on site needs that can also be combined & scaled to fit much larger site requirements.

NuTECH™ Controller

The NuTECH™ controller is this next step forward in automated control systems it uses new-to-industry control algorithms to improve the performance and efficiency of existing Kaplan turbines.


The NuCONTAINER™ design takes advantage of industry-standard ISO shipping containers to provide a modular, easily-integrated system intended to minimize installation and hydropower site costs.


The NuBRAKE™ is a gas over hydraulic braking system that effectively brakes (closes the wicket gates) upon hydroelectric power emergency situations or in controlled water power system closures.

Mesa Associates, Inc. Makes Strategic Acquisition of NuSTREEM, Strengthening and Expanding Hydropower Business Offerings

“Mesa is committed to clean, renewable power generation and this acquisition is another step towards fulfilling that goal” says Mesa President and Owner, Ranjana Savant. Mesa Associates, Inc. strengthens and expands its hydropower portfolio with the…

Installed Projects: Mansfield, CT

There are five turbines installed in Mansfield, CT. This site is an independently owned hydropower generation facility. It houses five NuTURBINE LR-100’s, sized with 100 kW generators for a maximum total output capacity of 500kW. The site has…

Installed Projects: Massachusetts

The NuTURBINE LR-100 was installed in a small site in Massachusetts. A singular NuTURBINE using a 100 kW generator was installed in 2014. This installation has in-excess of twenty- five thousand (25,000) operational hours…