Mesa Associates, Inc. Makes Strategic Acquisition of NuSTREEM, Strengthening and Expanding Hydropower Business Offerings

Mesa Associates, Inc. (Mesa), a woman minority-owned full-service multi-discipline engineering, procurement, and construction management firm headquartered in Madison, Alabama, has acquired the assets of Connecticut-based NuSTREEM, LLC.

 “The acquisition of NuSTREEM provides Mesa with a new product line and a pathway into the small hydropower generating market,” says Mesa Senior Vice President, Tim Ramsey. “We will offer our clients a complete solution by drawing upon all of Mesa’s expertise in the design and engineering of hydropower generation and power transmission and delivery.  As an added benefit, Mesa will be able to utilize its sister company, Mesa Technologies, Inc., to manufacture and assemble the units. As a result, we now offer an innovative and modular generating unit and all the support to implement the unit or units into the client’s system, all under the control of the Mesa family of companies.”

NuSTREEM believed that growth in the US small hydropower sector would rely on modular and intelligent generation equipment and innovative deployment platforms. Building on that insight, NuSTREEM developed turbine technology combined with advanced control technology and an inventive standardized project deployment application. This extremely efficient machine can generate clean energy from a renewable resource with minimal environmental impact.

The NuSTREEM journey began by putting the technology to work near their Connecticut headquarters and manufacturing facility at Kirby Mill in 2014. With the installation of the turbines, the facility has been 100% powered by clean, renewable, and reliable generation from hydropower. The technologies are rugged and adaptable, making them well suited for many site applications. In addition, the units’ modularity and ease of installation not only open up sites for new small hydropower projects but can also be used at existing sites to reduce outages and increase the efficiency and output of the facility.

Mesa has provided engineering services to the utility industry since 1988 and is dedicated to bringing solution-centered projects from conception through implementation and operation. Since day one, we have been committed to being a valued and trusted partner to our employees, vendors, and clients. This commitment to our clients has resulted in providing over $180M of engineering services to 13 of the top 15 utilities across the United States.

Mesa is committed to clean, renewable power generation, a continuation of NuSTREEM’s commitment to the environment, and through this acquisition, can offer a small generating unit that minimizes the impact on the environment from its installation, operation, and generation. The units can replace diesel-powered generators used for plant startup, provide a source for plant battery or grid-based BESS configurations, and provide a continuous flow of water to support or maintain minimum stream flow requirements.

The current hydro unit can handle water heads ranging from 10 to 40 feet. Mesa intends to enhance this low-head design further and develop a new design for applications up to 150 feet of head. Mesa will provide small-generating solutions for our client’s needs by having two options. For more information, please contact Bo Hadjerioua, PhD, F. ASCE, Director of Integrated Water Resource Management, [email protected].

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