Why Does PMO Have A Negative Connotation?

Project Management Offices (PMOs) often get a bad rap for “policing” to get a project done or, worse yet, stand in the way of getting a project done! Why is this and how can certified Project Management Professionals turn around the impression that PMOs are not needed or cause more failures than successes?  

PMO Project Management Office

At Mesa Associates, Inc., we approach project management from the perspective of achieving high results that can positively impact your bottom line. Doesn’t everyone promise that? Of course they do! But how does Mesa follow through on that promise? We listen!

  • We ask questions about what is not working and take steps to resolve the issue.  
  • We create processes along the way that can be repeatable and defendable.   
  • We look at what is in place and define areas where improvements can be made, taking away the guesswork, finger-pointing, and disillusion that it is all the fault of some (probably) innocent stakeholder.  
  • We look to understand WHY the project isn’t progressing as planned, or worse yet, is canceled, and apply our professional experiences to make sure that we know the root cause, not just “what people want to believe that the problem is.”  
Project Management Practices

Systematic project management can improve the outcome of a project, but only if you are willing to ask the hard questions as to WHY things are not going as intended. It can be as simple as identifying a bottleneck that needs more resources, training on what is expected, or addressing the lack of support from the leadership team. Mesa Associates does a deep dive to resolve these issues and can prepare your team for successful project completions in 2024.  

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Written by Jennifer Johnson and Rabia Sattar 

About Mesa Associates, Inc.  

Mesa is a woman/minority-owned full-service multi-discipline engineering, procurement, and construction management firm specializing in providing engineering services for the commercial, government, industrial, municipal, and electric utility industry. Mesa is currently providing over $180M of engineering services to 13 of the top 15 utilities across the United States. Our growth is a result of delivering quality projects and value to our clients with unparalleled customer service. We differentiate ourselves by saying we are Large Enough to Perform, Small Enough to Care.