Our Vision

Mesa’s vision is to be a family oriented company that is recognized as a valued and trusted partner. This Vision Statement extends to our associates, our suppliers, and our customers. When you join the Mesa team, you become a part of this vision while sharing in the many benefits that it offers. As you consider Mesa, we hope that you’ll consider how you can help us extend this vision to more associates, more suppliers and more customers.


Mesa was at one time a small, woman, and minority owned business. We have grown into a large business as a result of the small business contracting plans of larger businesses. We know the importance of using small and diverse businesses and offering them the opportunity to grow, as Mesa has. Our Corporate Diversity Plan is updated annually and details responsibilities, goals, and the activities needed to achieve those goals.

"We're successful because of the contribution you make"

- Large Southeastern Utility, USA

"[Mesa’s] willingness to make changes in design for ease of construction and safety is helping the crew have a positive attitude; they are happy to work towards a task they have a say in."

- Northeast Utility, (email)

"We asked Mesa to perform a project without scope and required them to perform engineering, planning, scheduling, design, and construction simultaneously. The additional constraint is that they must move quickly. Mesa was never resource constrained and they delivered on what others believed to be an impossible task."

- VP, Major Chemical Plant

"We've been impressed!"

- Client Substation Manager, (email)

"Everyone really appreciates the responsiveness of Mesa on various issues and questions that come up from the field. The Mesa team members are very responsive and make an effort to follow up on any issues that come up in the field. "

- Northeast Client, (email)

"Glad to see it was a Mesa design"

- Client Construction Manager, (verbal)

"I appreciate you (Mesa) doing your (Mesa) usual great job as there are only a few comments"

- Client P&C Lead Engineer, (email)

"Thank you for great support for all engineering stakeholders – Transmission, Fiber, and Distribution."

- Major Northeast Utility, (email)

"Mesa has helped guide us in the right direction"

- Client Substation Manager, (email)

TVPPA E&O Conference - Drone Presentation


Join us today in Chattanooga, TN at the TVPPA Engineering and Operations Conference. Mesa's Drone Team Manager, Lance Geren, will be presenting "Save Time and Money: Drone Based Lidar with Machine Learning to Locate Encroachments" in the Solution Center,...

Optical Ground Wire Project


Mesa provided engineering and design services required to install 9.3 miles of Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) between a large utility client’s new OPGW splice cases. On the same transmission line, our team also provided engineering services to uprate the...

2021 Fantasy of Trees


This year the 2021 Fantasy of Trees raised more than $450,000 to help treat our area’s children at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. This is a new record that would not have been possible without the donations from companies such...

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