A Modular, Low-Head Hydro Turbine

Our modernized Kaplan turbine is a modular, low-head hydroelectric turbine design for projects 75kW to 250kW, depending on site needs, that can also be combined & scaled to fit much larger site requirements (one-sized turbine that can be used with multiple-sized generators). The NuTURBINE™ is ideal for many applications, including isolated communities, retrofits of existing hydro sites, irrigation districts, municipalities and wastewater in pipe applications, and non-powered dams.

The NuTURBINE™ is based on technological evolutions that significantly improve the performance of a long-accepted hydropower turbine paradigm. Those changes eliminate the need for a dam, offer a decentralized generation capability and the ability to harvest energy from existing hydropower-intensive systems, and reduce environmental effects, all with a low setup and procurement cost. With a reduction in civil works efforts and costs, the NuTURBINE™ offers a low-cost waterpower solution.

The generator can be sized from 75kW to 250kW, depending on site needs. It can be combined to fit hydropower site requirements.

Low water flow conditions suggest the use of a single turbine can produce energy from as little as 15 cfs. to a max flow of 85 cfs.

Mounting footprint: 88″ x 95″. Installation height: 84″. Weight: 8400lbs. For more details, please contact us to request technical drawings.

The turbine is designed for a head range of 8-40 feet. The turbine’s head range makes it an ideal solution for multiple application types.


The capital costs of small hydro development are often a deterrent to its expanded use. A standardized and modular system considerably reduces the project effort, the schedule and the capital required, making investing in sustainable, carbon-free energy development a more attractive venture.

We started designing a modular and intelligent hydroturbine over a decade ago. Two projects were completed: one 500 kW installation in Connecticut consisting of five 100 kW units and a 100 kW installation in Massachusetts. Both sites have been successfully running ever since.

The smaller size of the NuTURBINE™ meets the need of the decentralization trend in the hydropower industry. Our turbines are robust & reliable to handle any application. Scaled to meet any size – they can fit generators of 75, 100, 150, 175, 200, and 250 kilowatts, all in the same physical envelope.

Remote Monitoring

available on any


Patented intelligence powers our turbines. Learn more about the advanced controller technology, the NuTECH™ Controller.

The ongoing maintenance efforts are minimal, while the access and ease of operation provide an easy-to-manage usage life.

  • SKID MOUNTED – simple point-to-point connection guide for ease of installation.
  • PLUG & PLAY – all equipment, including the generator, is mounted to the same turbine platform and can be dropped in place.
  • LUBRICATION SYSTEM – water quality sensitive and uses environmentally acceptable lubricants.
NuTurbine Maintenance