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The NuCONTAINER design takes advantage of industry-standard ISO shipping containers, as well as our standard NuTURBINE, to provide a modular, easily-integrated system intended to minimize installation and hydropower site costs.

NuSTREEM’s modular NuCONTAINER system makes the conventional custom designed small hydro approach a thing of the past. A prefabricated standard shipping container powerhouse system is used in place of a classic powerhouse, a solution that substantially reduces foundational requirements, the extent of the civil design and the resultant onsite construction.

One to three NuTURBINE’s (a modernized Kaplan style design) are placed in a modified shipping container with the required grid interconnection equipment.  The modular system is built and tested at the factory and transported by truck to the site for installation. The reduced construction schedule and costs are significant using the modularity of the turbine and the container, making site development economically feasible.


Container Concept

Using this approach, new small hydro and low head sites can be developed as economically attractive options for generating clean energy.  The NuCONTAINER is a proven structure that is inexpensive, easily transportable, and utilizes readily available turbine generator technology.

Almost anywhere small hydro is desired, both independent micro grid or as part of a larger grid applied system, a modular system could be installed: irrigation districts, mining facilities, rivers and canals, existing mills, conduits and factory sites.  Anywhere there is moving water with a change in elevation, there is a possibility to use a modular hydropower solution.


Triple Turbine Diagram
  • Single-turbine configuration NuCONTAINER weighs approximately 20,000 pounds
  • Triple-turbine configuration NuCONTAINER weighs approximately 40,000 pounds
  • Smallest configuration – Smallest NuTURBINE in a single NuCONTAINER would produce approximately 75 kilowatts
  • Largest configuration –  Largest NuTURBINE in a single NuCONTAINER would produce approximately 750 kilowatts
  • Estimated annual energy production rage: 350 – 3,500 megawatt-hours

A modular and standardized approach to hydroelectric generation.

A scaleable run of river solution – combine the size & number of turbines in a container and the size & number of containers at the site to meet site generation requirements.

With the NuCONTAINER system, hydro sites can rapidly be put into operation, as it applies a unique foundation approach which allows owners to bypass many of the costly and time-consuming geotechnical and civil efforts that traditional hydro sites require.