Installed Projects: Mansfield, CT

Mansfield Installation

There are five turbines installed in Mansfield, CT. This site is an independently owned hydropower generation facility. It houses five NuTURBINE LR-100’s, sized with 100 kW generators for a maximum total output capacity of 500kW. The site has approximately 17 ft of head and 450 cfs of flow. The choice of five 100 kW hydroturbines rather than fewer >100 kW turbines was based on using the optimal capability of the variations of the river to generate energy.

Using multiple hydroturbines for high-variability rivers ensures optimal efficiency throughout the flow dynamics by using the ability to turn on or off turbines. As a result of adding or subtracting turbines, the active “on” turbines are all working within their optimal efficiency, if the appropriate number is chosen in accordance with the current flow of the river.

In addition, considering the frequency of low flows of the river, the decision to use a high- resolution configuration of hydroturbines ensured the capture of the lowest flow conditions. Low water flow conditions suggest the use of a single turbine that can produce energy from as little as 15 cfs. The NuTURBINE’s were installed in 2014. This installation has in-excess of  160,000 operational hours.