Workers inspecting hydro turbine


Mesa’s engineering and design staff have completed hundreds of projects for a variety of utility customers.  These projects have ranged from simple upgrades to electrical or mechanical systems, to crane and structural upgrades, to large balance-of-plant projects associated with plant automation and modernization.  Whether it’s a small or large unit, our compliment of engineering disciplines along with numerous subject matter experts, including former plant managers and operators can provide an optimum solution to any hydro-related project.  Some of our key project areas are as follows:

  • Plant Control System Upgrades
  • Governor Upgrades & Replacements
  • Plant Automation Systems
  • Hydro Modernization
  • Generator and Turbine Bearing Cooling/Lubrication
  • Gate & Crane Upgrades
  • High Pressure Piping
  • Control Room Replacement & Upgrades
  • Life Safety Reviews & Upgrades
  • Power Studies/Arc Flash
  • Developed a “Best Practices” Manual for hydro plant operations