Power distribution transformers


Mesa’s engineering and design team has completed hundreds of distribution line projects for multiple utility companies across the country. These projects consist of overhead and underground distribution line design, distribution automation/grid modernization, storm response, construction management, and distribution standards. Whether the project is big or small, our staff of professional, technical, and administrative personnel, will confidently work together to execute each project to the highest quality standards at the best value.


Overhead Distribution Line Design (4kV To 69kV)

Mesa’s distribution department provides line designs that provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions for all scenarios. Our team of distribution associates, who have extensive knowledge and experience with a broad variety of utility systems throughout the United States, helps us to develop creative and innovative solutions. Applying these innovative practices and technologies allows Mesa to deliver practical answers to complex situations. Some of our overhead services include:

  • Storm Hardening
  • Line Extensions and Replacements
  • Pole Assessments
  • Field Inspections and Inventory
  • Reconductoring
  • Pole Replacements
  • Sectionalizing
  • Circuit Coordination
  • Capacitor Banks & Voltage Regulators
  • Voltage Conversions
  • Wildfire Mitigation

Underground Distribution Line Design (4kV To69 KV)

Mesa has a highly experienced distribution team prepared to provide underground electric distribution design solutions to meet any challenge. Our team has a proven ability to mitigate obstacles within your existing system or to provide future facility placement to assist with planning efforts to increase reliability and the overall health of your distribution system. Our technical expertise and diverse experience designing underground facilities throughout the country allow us to meet any underground project head on. Some of our underground distribution line services include:

  • Cable Replacements
  • Duct and Manhole Design
  • OH to UG Conversions
  • Line Extensions and Relocations
  • Master Planned Community Designs
    (Commercial Parks and Subdivisions)
  • Underground Network Systems or Urban Installations
  • Submarine Cable Installation
  • Substation Underground Exit Feeders
  • Sectionalizing
  • Equipment Replacement
  • Joint Trench Projects with 3rd Parties
  • Transformer Vault retrofits
  • System automation
  • Direct buried cable retrofitting
  • Voltage conversions

Distribution Automation And Grid Modernization

Transmission Underbuild

Mesa’s team of experienced Transmission Engineers have worked on a variety of transmission line voltages, with varying degrees of complexity of distribution underbuild. Scopes range from simply accounting for the additional space and pole capacity required by an underbuilt line for transmission pole sizing to working with in-house and third-party subcontractors or client distribution professionals to develop specific design packages including pole sizing, framing, wire stringing, bills of material, and more. The successful design of a transmission line with distribution underbuild is heavily dependent on the communication and coordination between the Transmission and Distribution Engineers and Mesa has the experience and growing team capable of performing these designs under one roof, along with being well-versed in utilizing the PLS-CADD suite of software.

Fiber Design

Fiber Design

Distribution Standards Development/Modification

  • Distribution Standards Development or Modifications
  • Create a Standard Project Planning Package (SP3) for the life cycle of each Standard/process
  • Identify requirements for each stage of the project based on PMP principles
  • Develop a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Process Map for each Standard
  • Identify, develop, and grade the level of potential risks with proposed solutions in existing processes
  • Interview clients’ Subject Matter Experts (SME) to further investigate current Standards
  • Create an Engineering Deliverable report for each Standard
  • Champion the development of the “perfect project package” to be used as examples for the engineering Standard

Storm Restoration Response

Mesa has the field, engineering, and management experience required to support storm response efforts. We also have ample resources to deploy Damage Assessment (DA) teams to support restoration operations in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner.
Our capabilities include:

  • Rapid mobilization and deployment
  • Damage assessment
  • Construction/Restoration Crew Management
  • Emergency follow-up engineering
  • Post storm GIS data corrections
  • Qualified damage assessment staff
  • Project Management
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Storm & Vegetation Assessments

Program And Project Management

Program Project Management Capabilities

The project management and construction management group works with our clients to make projects successful, on time and on budget by aligning the approach with the project drivers and outcome intended. Our Project Managers are technically skilled and understand the Distribution design and engineering criticalities that can impact the construction. Our Project Management and Construction Management team understands the benefits of the construction led engineering and aligns the engineering deliverables and procurement requirements to enhance the construction process.

Program Management Expertise

  • Risk Management
  • Safety/Health/Environmental
  • Quality Control and Assurance
  • Public Agency Coordination
  • Public Involvement
  • Environmental and Permitting
  • Right of Way Acquisition
  • Supply Chain
  • Program and Project Controls
  • Engineering
  • Communications
  • Startup and Commissioning

Construction Management

Mesa has a unique combination of highly experienced employees in electric utility service with numerous hours of actual field experience coordinating with construction and maintenance personnel. This experience base has provided us a unique ability to assist Utilities or contractor construction personnel in resolving unanticipated issues and circumstances identified during the construction phase of transmission line projects. Additionally, Mesa has highly qualified Transmission and Distribution line construction management personnel that can provide management and supervisor services.

  • Contract Administration
  • On-Site Safety Representatives
  • On-Site QA/QC
  • Bid Package Preparation
  • Contractor RFP Management
  • Contract and Exhibit Review
  • Design Review
  • Constructability Review
  • Scheduling and Project Controls
  • Equipment Planning
  • Outage Scheduling
  • Commissioning and Testing
  • Punch List and Close Out

Environmental Reviews, Assessments, Permitting

Mesa provides a wide variety of environmental reviews, assessments, and permitting services. Mesa’s experience includes design and preparation of documents for permitting to meet local, state, and federal requirements for electric transmission and distribution projects across the U.S. Mesa capabilities for environmental services include:

  • Project environmental review and compliance with Federal & State requirements
  • Obtain permission for engineering & environmental survey from landowners
  • Prepare and conduct public involvement activities
  • Protect client’s interests in handling environmental projects
  • Provide Pollution Prevention Plans for stormwater
  • Suggest environmentally friendly alternatives for controversial projects
  • Best Management Practices (BMP) designs to be used during construction to minimize or avoid impacts.
  • Ecological or Cultural Resource Surveys, Investigations, and Support
  • Utility Liaison Support Services for DOT, Railroad, Pipeline, or Other Permits

Distribution Planning

Mesa has experience in initiating distribution projects from conception to design and through construction and can provide resource planning support and comprehensive schedule development. Mesa’s focus on providing engineering and design services for the power utility industry has well positioned us with the ability to provide a full-service planning offering. Our team has a diverse software application background and can provide detailed engineering and design services for generation, substation, transmission, and distribution assets.

Right Of Way Services

Mesa’s Right-Of-Way (ROW) experts manage communications between companies, landowners, and government agencies, while following industry best practices and upholding the reputation of our clients. While the ROW practice is tailored for each specific project, the primary objectives of the plan and management effort are:

  • Provide right of way technical support in obtaining land ownership tax information, creating a landowner line list, participate in field reconnaissance with other field service disciplines to identify impediments to acquisition of legal right of way coverage and the selection of optimum surface sites.
  • Obtain and organize the necessary foundational information to aid in the successful transition from initial project phases to full execution of the right of way acquisition project.
  • Develop and detail the overall strategy and framework Mesa intends to utilize to successfully complete all acquisition and permitting commitments within the established timeline.
  • Provide estimates for the right of way personnel and financial resources that will be required to successfully meet Client’s in-service goals and planning.
  • Illustrate and emphasize how Mesa’s commitment to safety and the welfare of all the projects participants are an integral part of Mesa’s planning process.

Survey Services

Mesa has field crews experienced in data collection and locating as-built bore locations to match the client’s positioning and drawing format. Our team is proficient with creating 3D models using diverse tools such as LIDAR or conventional GPS equipment, and applies the best fit field and plan techniques. Survey services that we offer include:

Survey Services Capabilities