two engineers looking at construction plans

Civil And Structural

Mesa’s civil/structural engineering staff is experienced in a wide variety of building, process, and infrastructure projects. Our personnel also brings outside multi-industry experience that enhances their designs by adding new techniques and knowledge. Some of our experience in the civil/structural engineering area is described as follows:

Civil Engineering

The Mesa staff has a strong background in the design of civil features and performing site studies consistent with industry standards, and applicable state and federal regulations. Mesa is experienced in the design of drainage structures such as culverts, spillways, ditches, and retention ponds, and for yard structures such as retaining walls and service pits. Other experience includes the design of streets, roadways, and parking facilities.

Performing layout and drainage studies to optimize the site configuration for buildings and related structures, as well as performing geo-technical studies, erosion control plans, and storm water management plans are also included in Mesa’s civil engineering expertise.

Structural Engineering

The structural engineering capabilities of the Mesa staff extend across all prominent building material types (reinforced concrete, steel, masonry block, wood, etc.) and numerous types of construction. An extensive history of industrial type structural designs has been compiled in areas such as platforms, walkways, safety ladder cages, fall protection, equipment foundations, crane/trolley beams, and heavy process support structures.

Additionally, our experience encompasses state-of-the-art evaluations for high wind, explosion, blast, and vibratory loadings. Our internal network database facilitates immediate retrieval of these designs, which provides additional efficiency for future projects. Mesa also maintains a vast database of standard structural details and drawing notes that allows us to accelerate drawing generation during the initial project phase.