Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cooperative

Electric cooperatives and municipals across the country face the challenge of keeping the lights on in an ever-changing environment. The pressure to make the grid more resilient and reliable and to provide the best value for the assets that they own continuously pushes forward-thinking cooperatives and municipal utilities toward implementing a digital transformation. The change to bring daily operations into a digital platform that will offer improved processes for the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of their electric infrastructure is something Mesa Associates has been working to develop. Mesa Associates has introduced an affordable smart tool that can provide improved training of technicians, enhance the learning experience by executing step-by-step instructions, provide in-depth analytics for better decision-making, and protect the investment of time and money in the distribution lines and substations located within the co-op or municipality system.

Developing and recording process steps through Connected Worker is the optimal way to convert existing processes, including those that are recorded on paper, shared verbally, or through digital forms that have no connection to a data analytics engine. With this Mesa solution, you can move data onto a platform that allows your asset condition to be systematically recorded, reviewed, and analyzed. This provides not only a consistent methodology for doing the work but also provides your utility with a documented process that indicates the exact steps taken and evidence that all the steps were executed as defined, including approval by the appropriate supervisor.

To keep the grid resilient and reliable and to return the best value from their assets, forward-thinking companies are digitally transforming by bringing improved installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting processes into connected worker platforms that can guide, collect data, and provide analysis at a level never seen before. Mesa’s value-added solution provides improved training of technicians, enhances the learning experience by executing step-by-step instructions, and protects the investment in distribution regulators and other equipment in their system.