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Project Management

As a full-service engineering, procurement and construction management firm, Mesa recognizes the need for best-in-class project management and solutions delivery that ensures superior performance at all levels of a project execution team. Mesa has successfully completed numerous projects utilizing our extensive knowledge of project and organizational management systems combined with sound engineering practices and a team of problem solving/solutions delivery-minded associates.

Mesa’s capabilities exceed traditional scope, schedule, and budget approaches by incorporating additional aspects of organizational project management by ensuring all stakeholders, participants, and management systems of the project are fully integrated. Leaders and managers work to prioritize client objectives across portfolios, programs, and projects on a case-by-case basis.

Whether you are looking for Directive, Supportive, or Controlling Project Management support, Mesa can provide both project management as well as project control services in support of your projects. This includes the capability to enhance client project teams by providing experienced Project Managers, Project Engineers, and Construction Managers capable of supporting EPC projects. We can also evaluate your current portfolio/program/project management practices, assist in identifying focus areas for improvement, develop/implement procedures, provide training/competence improvement, and support audit activities.

Direct Project Management Services for Control

Mesa can provide varying degrees of Project Management support staff augmentation for numerous scenarios.

Our team consists of Program Managers, Project Managers, and Construction Managers capable of leading and managing a team focused on a specific program or an individual project.

Mesa’s team also consists of Portfolio Managers who can manage both Program Managers and Project Managers to deliver successful results on a complete portfolio of projects.

Project Management Services for Support

Mesa can deliver customized solutions encompassing the mastery and methodology of the Project Management Institute’s (PMI’s) Organizational Project Management (OPM) framework. Our team has worked with numerous clients to equip their project teams to perform at a best-in-class level.
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