Paper rolls

Pulp & Paper

Mesa takes pride in our ability to develop solutions that meet the needs of the budget constrained pulp and paper industry. Many of our engineers have experience in plant operations and understand the necessity to meet process and production goals at the best value. Mesa provides comprehensive feasibility studies to help clients determine the best path to maximize their capital investments.

Once the decision is made to move forward, Mesa provides the most cost effective engineering solution to minimize total project cost. We maintain ownership of the project from inception to turnover, including construction, start-up and commissioning.


Experience Includes:

  • Pulper BOP Engineering Services
  • Primary & Secondary Screening
  • Kraft Mill Digester
  • Kraft Fiberline
  • Black Liquor
  • Pulp Pumps & Piping
  • Pulp Drying
  • Paper Machine Upgrades
  • Instrumentation Solutions
  • Controls Systems Design
  • Starch System
  • Recycled Fiber
  • Steam & Condensate Upgrades