How is Mesa’s Solutions Delivery Group Different? 

Many companies are selling solutions for common industry issues, but how is Mesa Associates, Inc.’s (Mesa) Solutions Delivery Group (SDG) different?   

Mesa’s Solutions Delivery Group is a team of certified PMPs who can help identify solutions to common industry problems like staff shortages, training deficiencies, process bottlenecks, etc., by applying proven techniques to create an environment where there is:  

  • Transparency to all stakeholders – we help you know what is happening and why 
  • Defensibility when things go awry – because we know the correct process 
  • Repeatability when things go right – again, because we know the correct process   

Other companies can profess to create processes, but the Mesa SDG team is trained and certified to align processes with proven PM techniques that align with industry-standard best practices and are unique to each business. We apply what we know in a way that improves your company’s output, employee retention, and training deficits by addressing company concerns and, more importantly, revealing unknown pitfalls.  

Mesa’s Solutions Delivery Group does the work of finding solutions for you. We don’t just talk the talk, but we put on the gear and swim in the muck until we figure out what needs improving, and then we set up the correct processes and tools to make it work.  

Contact Nick Fox ([email protected]) or Shana Bullock ([email protected]) to discuss how Mesa’s SDG team can help your organization with Project Management processes and solutions. 

About Mesa Associates, Inc.  

Mesa is a woman/minority-owned full-service multi-discipline engineering, procurement, and construction management firm specializing in providing engineering services for the commercial, government, industrial, municipal, and electric utility industry. Mesa is currently providing over $180M of engineering services to 13 of the top 15 utilities across the United States. Our growth is a result of delivering quality projects and value to our clients with unparalleled customer service. We differentiate ourselves by saying we are Large Enough to Perform, Small Enough to Care.