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Corporate News

The Fire Watch Project

Mesa Donates $5,000 To The Fire Watch Project, Inc.

Mesa donated $5,000 to The Fire Watch Project, Inc. The Fire Watch Project, Inc. is a life-saving network of community members and organizations trained to...
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Mesa Donates $4,000 To Lifescape Community Services

Mesa donated $4,000 to Lifescape Community Services. The agency serves thousands of older adults each year through its Meals on Wheels program, Adult Protective Services...
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One Roof

Mesa Donates $9,000 To One Roof

Mesa donated $9,000 to One Roof. One Roof’s mission is to equip and empower our community to prevent and end homelessness through advocacy, education, and...
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A Kid Again

Mesa Donates $9,000 To A Kid Again

Mesa donated $9,000 to A Kid Again. A Kid Again makes life for families caring for a child with a life-threatening condition “normal” again by...
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Mesa Donates $4,000 To YouthBuild Louisville

Mesa donated $4,000 to YouthBuild Louisville. YouthBuild Louisville assists young people in meeting significant life goals, such as preparing for college and careers, by providing...
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Knox Hartford

Mesa Donates $4,250 To Knox Hartford

sa donated $4,250 to Knox Hartford. KNOX is an ever-growing coalition of residents, volunteers, corporate partners, and community organizations that actively support all of Hartford’s...
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Green Umbrella

Mesa Donates $5,000 To Green Umbrella

Mesa donated $5,000 to Green Umbrella. Green Umbrella facilitates collaboration among non-profits, businesses, educational institutions and governmental entities to meet the environmental, social, and economic...
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Mesa Donates $3,500 To Made4Me

Mesa donated $3,500 to Made4Me. Made4Me works with therapists and the parents of children with special needs to provide them with personalized adaptations (furniture and...
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Help Heal Veterans

Mesa Donates $7,000 To Help Heal Veterans

Mesa Donates $7,000 To Help Heal Veterans. Since 1971, Heal Vets has been providing therapeutic craft kits to veterans and active duty military. Arts and...
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Mesa Donates $4,000 To KyMel

Mesa Donates $4,000 To KyMel. KyMel, Inc is a non-profit whose mission is to provide connecting experiences for families on the cancer journey with an...
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