Chandrashekhar Savant Scholarship Fund Winners Announced


Mesa is committed to helping employees and their families achieve their educational goals.  The Chandrashekhar Savant Scholarship Fund is to award and assist in the education of the children of our associates. To be considered for the scholarship, students must submit an original essay written by the student.

The 2022 essay topic was “Diversity and Inclusion” and must have included the following elements:

  • How do you define diversity and inclusion?
  • Why do you believe diversity and inclusion is important?
  • What has contributed to your understanding of the meaning of diversity and inclusion? Include examples.
  • How do you envision yourself promoting diversity and inclusion in college and in our communities?

Each recipient will receive a $3,000 scholarship. Below are the 2022 Chandrashekhar Savant Scholarship recipients, the field of study, and the Mesa employee (in parentheses):

  • Jonathon Miller, Food Sciences (Mitchell Miller)
  • Kylie Phillips, Bioengineering (Kyle Phillips)
  • Muntrinee Mon, Data Science (Thomas Mon)

For a list of guidelines about the scholarship, you can contact Brianna Crowe at [email protected].