Aluminum Production Facility

Challenges Facing Aluminum Production Facilities

Aluminum production facilities are facing challenges in key production areas. Mesa Associates, Inc. has developed the Aluminum Production Artificial Intelligence System (APAIS) for multiple use cases in aluminum production, which uses existing sensors, data repositories, and laboratory report sources to flag and prevent unstable conditions.

Key to implementing a great AI solution

Key to implementing a great AI solution

The key to implementing a great #AI solution is to treat it like any other project and simply use the new AI tools as enablers! You don’t have to be an AI expert to get the big payoff!

Adult electrical engineer mount the electrical systems at the equipment control cabinet. Installation of modern electrical station

Mesa Updates Distribution Lines as Part of Reconductor Project

Mesa Associates, Inc. recently provided engineering services for a reconductor project for a large electric utility. Construction for this project was completed in June 2023 which will help provide a reliable and resilient system to the local area now and into the future.