Urban League of Greater Hartford

Mesa Donates $4,250 To Urban League of Greater Hartford

Mesa donated $4,250 To Urban League of Greater Hartford. The Urban League provides programs and services in the areas of:  Adult Education; Youth Development; Workforce Development and Training;  Economic Empowerment; and Health and Wellness.

Natl Society for Black Engineers

Mesa Donates $10,000 To National Society for Black Engineers

Mesa donated $6,000 to National Society for Black Engineers. The National Society for Black Engineers is dedicated to increasing the number of culturally responsible Black Engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community.


Mesa Donates $5,000 To Help4Kids

Mesa donated $6,000 to Help4Kids. Help 4 Kids Florence is a program that supplies food packs to public schools in Florence County.

Fathers in Tech

Mesa Donates $10,000 To Fathers in Tech

Mesa donated $6,000 to Fathers in Tech. The Fathers in Tech Program takes fathers on a transformative journey that increases the quality of each father’s interactions with his children and loved ones, while also providing economic growth and family empowerment opportunities.

Veteran Spouse Project receives check

Mesa Donates $10,000 Veterans Spouse Project

Veterans Spouse Project gives voice to the experiences of veterans’ spouses across generations by providing opportunities for creativity and healing through the arts while helping to bridge the gaps between civilian and military communities.

Camp Rising Sun

Mesa Donates $6,000 To Camp Rising Sun

Mesa donated $6,000 to Camp Rising Sun. The goal of Camp Rising Sun is to provide children who currently or have previously battled cancer with a traditional camp experience while recognizing and meeting their health needs.

The Fire Watch Project

Mesa Donates $5,000 To The Fire Watch Project, Inc.

Mesa donated $5,000 to The Fire Watch Project, Inc. The Fire Watch Project, Inc. is a life-saving network of community members and organizations trained to identify the warning signs of veterans in crisis and to direct those veterans to the help they need.

One Roof

Mesa Donates $9,000 To One Roof

Mesa donated $9,000 to One Roof. One Roof’s mission is to equip and empower our community to prevent and end homelessness through advocacy, education, and coordination of services.

A Kid Again

Mesa Donates $9,000 To A Kid Again

Mesa donated $9,000 to A Kid Again. A Kid Again makes life for families caring for a child with a life-threatening condition “normal” again by helping them gain back moments of positive, family-shared experiences and memories.


Mesa Donates $4,000 To YouthBuild Louisville

Mesa donated $4,000 to YouthBuild Louisville. YouthBuild Louisville assists young people in meeting significant life goals, such as preparing for college and careers, by providing services in education, vocational training, community service, case management, placement, and post-graduation support.