Jeremy Hughes

Dr. Boualem Hadjerioua

Dr. Boualem Hadjerioua to Speak at Energy 2023 Conference

Mesa Associates, Inc. is proud to announce that Dr. Boualem Hadjerioua, Director of River System Studies & Hydro Operations, will be a featured speaker at the Energy 2023 Conference.

The Energy 2023 Conference is the largest renewable energy event in the Caribbean and is dedicated to revolutionizing the way those in the region consume, save, generate, and store energy.

SDG Compass

How is Mesa’s Solutions Delivery Group Different? 

Mesa’s Solutions Delivery Group is a team of certified PMPs who can help identify solutions to common industry problems like staff shortages, training deficiencies, process bottlenecks, etc., by applying proven techniques.

The Green Chair

Mesa Donates $3,500 To The Green Chair

Mesa donated $3,500 To The Green Chair. The Green Chair Project reuses essential furnishings donated by our community to help neighbors in need facing the challenges of homelessness, crisis or disaster.