SDG - Tailored Solutions

Solutions Delivery Group (SDG)

SDG has a proven track record in helping our clients improve their bottom line by assessing project deficiencies and inefficiencies and recommending solutions that result in time and cost savings.   We can create or improve your process’s, develop new project tools and improve existing tools.  We integrate processes and tools with industry applications to improve stakeholder engagement. SDG can support the implementation of solutions and monitor performance improvement beyond just traditional project management KPI’s, such as cost and schedule performance and analyzing performance data to highlight continuous improvement opportunities.

Project, Program, & Portfolio Management

SDG has a diverse staff with experience managing single projects through capital intensive client project portfolios.  When clients allow SDG associates to become their Project/Program/Portfolio Managers, then we can leverage our experience to drive best practice project performance results on their behalf.  This effort typically has a resemblance to staff augmentation, but the key difference is that SDG is defined as the Single Point of Accountability for their respective efforts. 

Project Performance Improvement

…It can be the highest value SDG service offering.  When clients allow SDG to get directly involved at this level, an initial assessment is performed by highly competent SDG staff via reviewing existing Organizational Process Assets (OPAs) and interviewing client stakeholders.  SDG uses this collected information to recommend the highest value and lowest effort (highest return on investment) opportunities for improvement.  These efforts have historically included:

  • Quality Management
    Focus on assessing and improving existing quality planning, quality assurance, and/or quality control.
  • Project Status Reporting and  Metrics
    Provide hierarchical management access to real-time project status based on stakeholder importance to them and their role. 
  • Project Lifecycle Process Improvements, Monitoring and Reporting
    Ensure scope development is effective in producing consistently defined stakeholder requirements in order to set up downstream project stakeholders for successful project advancement.
    Create and improve existing engineering standards, guides, procedures, and references to further clarify client requirements and preferences which helps reduce “typical” feedback at stage gates along the project lifecycle thereby improving performance efficiency.
    Track project performance via feedback from stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle (particularly Execution), document root cause and drive continuous improvement across the applicable project lifecycle.

Project Support Staff Augmentation

Manager (businessman, coach, leadership) plan to increase company performance.

SDG can provide clients with certified project managers capable of reporting directly to client leadership and provide project oversight as directed.  The key difference with staff augmentation is that Mesa does not provide daily oversight nor direction for these resource types. 

  • Additional Project support staff augmentation opportunities include:
    • Project Management Analysts – Associates trained to assist project managers with a variety of project tasks, typically including cost and schedule reconciliation of planned vs. actuals vs. estimate to complete. 
    • Project Schedulers/Planners – Associates with specialized industry training and experience to develop, monitor, and report the status of Work Breakdown Structures for various project phases. 
    • Project Administrators – Associates provided to assist project teams with administrative tasks, such as writing meeting minutes, documenting action items, setting up project folders, reviewing quality and design checklists for completeness, etc. 
    • Other Engineering support associates skilled in engineering processes and procedures but not necessarily degreed engineers, used to supplement a client’s team by offering a technical, common-sense approach and understanding.