Technical Consulting Services

Energy Technology Technical Areas
PV Solar, Thermal Solar, Wind On Shore, Wind Off Shore, Energy Storage Systems, Natural Gas CC /SC, Coal, Oil, Nuclear Large Scale, Nuclear SMR, Hydro, Geo-Thermal, Biomass, Microgrids, DERs, Combined Heat & Power (CHP), Transmission & Distribution, Electric Vehicles, Grid Operations, Tidal Power, Ocean Kinetic

New Generating Site Energy Planning Technical Consulting Services

    • Navigation & Management of NERC- ISO Regional Planning Process and Schedules
    • Preliminary Generator Interconnection Site Screenings, Facility Studies, NERC Reliability Contingency Violation analysis (N-1, N-1-1), Proposed Facility Upgrades & Cost Estimates
    • Preliminary Site and POI One-Line Diagrams
    • ISO Generator Interconnection Queue Application Filing
    • Site Stability Modeling
    • Site Control Requirements (Site Plans, Location of Collector Substation, generator tie-line, & Interconnection Facilities based on POI, Geographic Information System (GIS) Site Plan Map)
    • Generating Asset Commercial Agreement Consulting and Negotiation (Interconnection, PPAs, O&M)
    • Energy Production Forecasting and Performance Review (Solar, Wind, Storage, Thermal)
    • Project Economics, Cost Estimate, and Industry Cost Benchmarking

  • Comprehensive Project Development and Management Services
  • Pre and Post Generating Site Commercial Operation Consulting and Integrated Engineering Support
  • M&A Asset Assessments and Integration

Generating Site O&M Performance Optimization Services

  • Value Engineering
  • Standards, Specifications, and Procedures
  • Resource Assessment
  • Environmental Permitting Compliance
  • NERC Program Standards (Owner and Operator) Compliance
  • Performance Reporting and Industry Benchmarking
  • Major Component replacement Cost Benefit Evaluations and Supply Agreement evaluations
  • Major Asset Life-Time Extension Studies
  • Major Asset End of Useful Life

Other Services

  • EPC (Specifications, Bid Review, Negotiation, Permitting, Construction Monitoring, Warranty reviews)
  • Digital Utility Modernization and Analytics (AI and machine learning digital change initiatives and efficiency
  • Sustainability Assessments
  • Strategic Planning including Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) and Traction Tools
  • Six Sigma Process Improvement Techniques and Tools
  • Energy Efficiency Assessment