Technical Consulting Services

Our team integrates engineering, policies, and performance to deliver clear and concise options with technical integrity that enable project teams, executives and board directors to move forward decisively. Mesa provides all-inclusive services to our clients in every phase of the decision-making process, from conception through implementation and final review. By creating solutions based on the critical information, working collaboratively with the client to ensure input information is applied in the context intended, and by applying corresponding risk management practices, we create 360˚ views of potential opportunities, solutions, and appropriate risk mitigation measures.

Mesa integrates our management consulting experience with our engineering expertise to provide technical input required for our clients to make sound business decisions. By identifying and tackling the key factors that depend on engineering and scientific knowledge, we help our clients effectively anticipate and address unforeseen problems. When multiple solutions exist, we use our expertise and knowledge to identify optimal solutions that meet client criteria. With more than 30 years of experience successfully completing thousands of projects for energy and industrial clients, Mesa brings proven expertise and experience to help our clients reach their goals.



  • Assessment of Renewable Energy Programs
  • Contracting Strategy Recommendations
  • Cost Control
    • Implementation
    • Philosophy
    • Programs
  • Due Diligence Reviews
  • Economic Viability Assessment
  • Independent Project Management Reviews
  • Major Contract Development & Reviews
  • O&M Processes & Practices Assessment
  • Physical Condition Assessments
  • Power Technology Training Services
  • Project Risk Assessment
  • Startup & Performance Testing Reviews
  • Technical Development Evaluations
  • Technical Feasibility Assessment
  • Technical Specification Development & Reviews
  • Test Protocol & Plan Development
  • Transmission Impact Assessments
  • Interconnectivity Modeling