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About Mesa Robotics, Inc.

The Robotics Group from Mesa Associates, Inc. is now Mesa Robotics, Inc. (MRI). MRI was established to design, manufacture, integrate, and test unmanned ground vehicles for military and civilian applications. MRI is a woman-owned small business.

To date, MRI has focused on three of the seven robotics categories established by the U.S. Department of Defense’s Joint Robotics Program: Miniature (8-30 pounds), Small–Light (31-400 pounds), and Small–Heavy (2,501-20,000 pounds).

MRI’s Marv, Matilda, and Armored Combat Engineer Robot (ACER) are the respective robots for these classifications. MRI is also developing a second vehicle in the Small-Light category – the MAUD Tactical Robot.


Marv Expendable Robot (Miniature)

The Marv Expendable Robot (Miniature) was designed as a low-cost expendable vehicle that supports counter explosive operations for the military and provides an “entry-level” robot for small civilian tactical teams. It has been in low-rate production since July 2005.

Matilda Robotic Platform (Small–Light)

The Matilda Robotic Platform (Small–Light) has been in production since 2000. Numerous systems have been sold to the U.S Military and civilian public service agencies. In addition, sales have been made to Israel (FMS), Japan, and the United Kingdom. Over this period of time, numerous improvements have been incorporated and a wide range of payloads have been developed by MRI and our customers. The Matilda II has been in production since early 2004 and the Contamination Avoidance Robot II (CAR II) has been in production since late 2004.

MRI’s work in the Small–Heavy robotic category includes the Initial Gladiator Vehicle Development Program, the Robotic Combat Support System (RCSS) Program, company-funded Mule UGV Development, and ACER development. Initial Gladiator Development activities included integrating customer-furnished drive train components and track systems into an optimized chassis design. MRI’s team successfully integrated the M-249 SAW and APOBS Breaching System onto the Gladiator vehicle. MRI was one of two organizations chosen to execute the Program Definition and Risk Reduction phase of the RCSS Program for AMCOM’s Robotic Systems Joint Program Office in August 2001. The RCSS Program’s objective was to develop and deliver prototype robotic vehicles that perform multiple combat engineer missions, including anti-personnel landmine neutralization, removal of unexploded ordnance, smoke obscuration dispensing, wire obstacle breaching, and logistics transport.

MRI Achievements

MRI was also chosen as a “Best of Industry” contractor by Boeing Company to participate in the development of requirements for the Future Combat Systems SUGV and MULE robotic vehicles.

MRI has leveraged off the combined experience of each of these programs to facilitate company-funded efforts to develop and continuously improve each of our robotic products – Matilda, ACER, Marv, and MAUD.

MRI's Facility

MRI’s facility in the Meadow Greene Center in Madison, Alabama includes space for administrative, engineering, robotic systems integration, production, and testing. This office is within 15 minutes of Redstone Arsenal and the Huntsville International Airport. This location is also the corporate headquarters for Mesa Associates, Inc. MRI shares corporate contract and personnel administration with Mesa Associates.

Low-rate production of Matilda, Marv, and ACER is underway at this facility. MRI has long-term working agreements with Madison-area firms for machining and sheet metal operations, composite material manufacturing, electrical fabrication and assembly, and environmental testing. MRI’s Quality Assurance procedures are compliant with ISO 9001. MRI has the facilities, capital equipment, and personnel required to complete multiple, diverse research and product development programs.

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