Sump pH Adjustment System

Fossil Plants have highly regulated water releases; a client had an issue with pH limits and turned to Mesa to develop a solution. Two of the existing sumps indicated a high pH was being generated, falling outside of allowable pH limits for the outfall permit. The previous protocol for correcting the issue was to quench fluid in the Low Volume Waste Sump, which resulted in a limited amount of safeguard to prevent the potential of release of water, falling outside of the permit bounds. Mesa provided multi-discipline engineering and design services for a new injection skid to inject sulfuric acid into the sumps at the units, injection piping with new pipe supports, new pH probes, a stilling well, and a new agitation source. This project allowed for the Low Volume Waste Sump to function as a safeguard to the outfall. This project was completed in late 2018 within the client’s desired schedule.