Substation Relay Settings

A large electric utility company in the Southeastern United States contracts with Mesa to develop, update, document, and issue relay settings and associated work orders for a variety of electrical projects. Mesa also provides independent Quality Assurance reviews and associated documentation, as well as, providing the relay settings to the Client. As part of Mesa’s relay settings process, our team reviews one-line, three-line AC elementary, DC elementary, relay front views, and test switch configurations.

This year to date, Mesa has issued 23 work orders and over 90 relay settings for this Client. These settings include SEL-421 and SEL-311C1, and 230kV and 115kV Transmission Line Protection Relays; SEL-351S7 and SEL-351S7X High Side Transformer Protect, Auto Transfer, Low-Side Bus Protect, Feeder Protection and Breaker Protection; SEL 387, SEL 487, and SEL 587 Transformer and Bus Differential Relays.