Transmission Lines

With over 25 years of proven transmission engineering design experience, Mesa has the in-house capability to complete all facets of transmission and distribution design for new lines, upgrades, modifications and diversions of existing transmission lines, tower structures, foundations and hardware.

Our unique base of expertise along with our past experience and familiarity with transmission line industry practices and standards, will allow us to efficiently provide the following range of services for your transmission line projects.

Feasibility Studies and Conceptual Engineering & Design

Our Line Design group has expertise in performing feasibility studies for evaluation and comparison of alternatives and to provide an economic project assessment. The study leads to decisions on design philosophy and criteria, configuration, operational aspects, ratings, and economics.

Physical aspects and system performance are often addressed simultaneously in optimizing the transmission line project. Specific studies that we conduct as part of the feasibility study include:

Ambient Environmental ConsiderationsStructure Type Evaluation
Insulation CoordinationConductor Parameters
Selection of Voltage LevelCurrent Carrying Capacity
Underground vs. OverheadCost and Economic Evaluation


Mesa’s line design staff is proficient in performing conceptual designs to optimize the plans chosen from feasibility studies. Computer methods covering areas such as field effects, structure loading, sag and tension, and ampacity are used extensively. Also, particular client design preferences, and operational and maintenance practices are considered. The results are documented in a Design Criteria Document (DCD), which includes a summary of design criteria, study results, conceptual structure outlines, and other pertinent information. The DCD serves as an overall plan guide document for subsequent detailed engineering and design.

Mesa has experience in performing various studies for the conceptual design phase that includes:

Insulation SelectionStructure Type Selection
Line  CapacityConductor and Shield Wire Selection
Corona and Field EffectsSpecial Conductor Clearances
Sag and Tension CalculationsWorking/Ground Clearances
Cost Estimates-EconomicsPower Loss Study
ShieldingGrounding System
Foundation ParametersAudible Noise
EMF/Corona AnalysisHardware Selection Criteria


Detailed Engineering & Design

Mesa has completed hundreds of detailed engineering and design projects ranging in voltages from 46-kV through 500-kV. Examples of specific tasks, for both new and existing lines performed by Mesa on a routine basis include:

Plan and Profile DevelopmentLine Optimization
Structure Design & AnalysisGuys and Anchors
Insulator AssembliesFoundation Design and Analysis (Poles & Towers)
Structure Grounding DesignStructure Load/Clearance Diagrams (Poles & Towers)
Supporting Hardware SelectionConductor Vibration Analysis
Aircraft Warning SystemSwing Clearance Calculations
Sag and Tension DataEnvironmental Assessments
Material SpecificationsProcurement Documents
Structure Spotting


Construction Interface, Support and Management

Mesa has a unique combination of highly experienced employees with electric utility service who have had many hours of actual field experience coordinating with construction and maintenance personnel. This experience base has provided us a unique ability to assist utility or contractor construction personnel in resolving unanticipated issues or circumstances identified during the construction phase of transmission line projects. Additionally, Mesa has highly qualified transmission line construction management personnel that can provide management and supervisor services to both utility and/or their construction contractor.


Civil/Structural Engineering & Design

Mesa has a broad range of civil/structural engineering expertise to draw from. Our engineering qualifications, spanning many decades, is the backbone of our core services. Our involvement on various civil/structural projects range from being in responsible charge and engineer of record, to providing specialized expertise like mapping and measuring legacy structures. We are easily equipped to provide you with civil/structural engineering services such as:

Structural Inspections, Mapping & Analyses
Site Development Design
SPCC Design
Existing Structure and Foundation Modifications
New Structure and Foundation Designs
⚬ Aluminum⚬ Drilled Shaft
⚬ Concrete⚬ Direct Embed
⚬ Steel⚬ Driven Pile
⚬ Wood⚬ Spread Footing


Right-of-Way Design and Acquisition

Mesa has been providing right-of-way services for a variety of electrical utilities since 1995. Our range of experience allows us to approach each realty project with a good understanding of state and local requirements used in the acquisition of electrical utility easements and fee property tracts. Our services include:

Feasibility StudiesProperty Legal Descriptions
Route and Site SelectionPermitting –Municipal, County, State, Federal
Preliminary Title NotesNative American Land Negotiations
Title Research and Limited Title CertificatesDatabase Administration
Property Owner IdentificationDocument Preparation and Management
Line List DevelopmentConstruction Support and Damage Settlement
Attorney’s Opinion of TitleGIS & Mapping and Property Plats
Due DilligenceField Office Location and Set-up
Survey Permission and AssistanceEminent Domain Support
AppraisalsAgent Training and Development
Acquisition of Easements, Leases, and Fee Purchases



Mesa has been providing Survey Services to various electrical utilities since 1995. Our ability to scale to any project scope with minimal notice has served our utility clients well. We can provide the qualified crews required to meet any of your survey needs. Services performed include the following:

Route ReconnaissanceMapping/Drafting Support
Preliminary SurveysRight-of-Way Parcel Plats/Descriptions
Boundary SurveysDOT Crossing Permit Survey
River CrossingsAerial Photogrammetric Mapping
Topographic SurveysGeodetic Control Survey
As-Built SurveysSubsurface Utility Investigations
Unit Designation SurveyLine Locating
Center-Line Staking, Benchmarking, and Construction Survey Requirements



Mesa has a highly qualified and experienced staff to supply cutting edge technology and provide the following services related to acquisition of right-of-way for transmission line and related projects:

Abstract of Title

Acquisition Negotiation


Attorney’s Opinion of Title

Easement Mapping & Property Plats

Preliminary Title Note

Preparation of Closing Statement

Preparation of Grant of Easement or Fee Simple Acquisition

Property Legal Descriptions

Property Owner Identification

Title Research/Review


Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)

The use of UAS provides numerous advantages over traditional methods, including cost, safety, and improved quality. Applications include:

T&D Assets
    Storm Response Assessment
    Thermal Imaging for Predictive Maintenance
    Vegetation Assessment