Right of Way

With in-house survey resources or in cooperation with various survey organizations, Mesa can provide the following survey services:

  • Boundary Survey
  • Centerline Staking, Benchmarking, & Construction Survey Requirements
  • Property Owner Identification Information
  • Subsurface Investigations & Core Borings
  • Wind Farm Surveying
  • Topgraphic Surveys
    • Aerial LiDAR
    • Ground
  • Right-of-Way & Centerline Selections
    • Aerial LiDAR
    • Ground

Mesa, along with our partners, has trained personnel who are equipped and capable of performing a full range of surveying needs. We have filed crews experienced in grid or DTM field data collection and staking out or locating “as built” bore locations to match the client’s positioning and drawing format. Our office personnel are experienced in the creation of 3D models in various forms with the ability to import and use various forms of photogrammetric of LiDAR files for 3D modeling. We are able to match ground located obstructions and interferences, or identify the same information for our clients, which can possible serve as a preventative resolution of adverse conditions early in the planning process. We can provide ROW stakeout or location using conventional or GPS equipment and by applying best fit field and plan techniques. With data collector files of the “as staked” data, we can provide stakeout of structures and control points to the client’s marking specifications. All of the services mentioned can be provided according to state, county, city, and client specifications. This includes the research of state minimum standards, county and city zoning, and subdivision regulations. With our wide range of services, Mesa provides our customers with a full service resource for their surveying needs.