Work at Mesa FAQ

Many factors make working at Mesa attractive and fulfilling. They include:

  • Friendly working environment.
  • Diversity of experience. Due to our diverse client base, the vast range of technological and engineering activities at Mesa allows employees to use their skills and to gain new ones.
  • Outstanding benefits. Our philosophy is to offer employees the most generous benefits package that we can offer while maintaining competitiveness.
  • Appreciation and recognition. We place high values on employee roles and achievements.
  • Family spirit. Mesa offers a friendly atmosphere.
  • Working for Mesa means being part of a team that is known for excellent customer service and engineering innovations.
  • Community involvement. Mesa strives to get involved in the community and participate in charitable activities.

We hold high expectations and require a strong level of commitment and dedication from our team, yet we have an understanding of the need for a healthy work/life balance. We believe our employees are the key to our success, and we strive to provide an attractive, competitive benefits program.

Mesa offers a generous leave program for full-time employees including paid time off, paid holidays, disability plan and a 9/80 work schedule, which provides 26 additional days off per year (available if position allows).

Yes. Mesa provides 1 X annual base salary for all full-time employees, and best of all Mesa pays 100% of the premium.  Employees have the option of purchasing additional life insurance for themselves and dependents.

Yes, Mesa provides disability insurance for all full-time employees, and best of all 100% of the premium is paid.

Full-time employee insurance coverage begins on the date of hire, pending submittal of enrollment forms.

Yes, Mesa provides vision insurance to all full-time employees enrolled in Mesa’s health plan.

Yes, Mesa provides RX drug coverage to all full-time employees enrolled in Mesa’s health plan.  Co-pays:  $10/$25/$75.

If a BCBS provider is used, the office visit co-pay is $30.

Yes, Mesa offers dental insurance to all full-time employees, which pays $1,000 per member each calendar year.  The benefits include Diagnostic, Preventive, Restorative, Periodontal, Prosthetic and Orthodontic (dependent children only).

Yes, Mesa offers employee discounts for cell phone service, computers, gym & more.

New employees are auto-enrolled to defer 6%.  Mesa matches 50% of the first 6% if you work 1,000 hours during the plan year and are employed on 12/31.  An additional discretionary match occurs if the company performance goals are met.  Employee deferrals are vested immediately, and Mesa’s contributions are fully vested after 3 years of employment.

Yes, Mesa provides fitness center reimbursement (50% of monthly dues/$50 max) for all full-time employees.

Yes, if the company and/or divisions reach targeted business goals, Mesa provides an annual performance bonus.

Yes, Mesa provides tuition assistance for full-time employees.

Yes, Mesa provides an EAP for full-time employees.  It provides free confidential counseling for stress, marital, family, child, financial, drug & alcohol problems.


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