Giveback 2022 Quarter 2

PCs for People

Mesa donated $5,000 to PCs for People, a nationwide organization. PCs for People provides refurbished computers to eligible customers for affordable prices. They also provide low-cost high-speed internet solutions. Through computers, the internet, digital skills training, and technical support, they work to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to reach their full potential through digital technology.  

Louisiana Wildlife Federation

Mesa donated $1,000 to the Louisiana Wildlife Federation. LWF represents a broad constituency of conservationists including hunters, anglers, campers, birders, boaters, and other outdoor enthusiasts who believe in constructive conservation and protection of Louisiana’s natural resources and the quality of the environment. Conserve Louisiana’s natural resources with emphasis on wildlife and their habitats 

Texas Hands and Voices

Mesa donated $3,000 to Texas Hands and Voices in San Antonio, TX. Texas Hands & Voices offers support, information, and resources in an unbiased manner to families with children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Niches Land Trust

Mesa donated $2,000 to NICHES Land Trust in West central Indiana. NICHES actively seeks to protect a broad array of natural areas ranging from small green spaces to pristine nature preserves of high biological integrity.

Project Grad

Mesa donated $1,500 to Project Grad in Knoxville, TN. Project GRAD Knoxville has partnered with Knox County Schools and the community since 2001 to increase the graduation rate of students from challenging circumstances. The average high school graduation rate for A-E and Fulton (combined) has increased from 50% to over 80%. 


Mesa donated $1,500 to Feeding Southwest Virginia. Feeding America – Southwest Virginia’s mission is to feed Southwest Virginia’s hungry through a network of partners and engage our region in the fight to end hunger. 

Get Out NevadaMesa donated $1,000 to Get Outdoors Nevada. Get Outdoors Nevada is dedicated to connecting people of all backgrounds and ages to Nevada’s diverse outdoor places through education, service, community engagement and collaboration. They strive to foster and support a community that discovers, experiences, and connects to our state’s many natural environments, from wild landscapes and recreational areas to urban trails and parks. 

Mesa donated $3,000 to Hands On Hartford in Hartford, CT. Founded in 1969, Hands On Hartford’s mission is to work in partnership with others to strengthen community in Hartford by responding faithfully to people in need through programs that change lives and renew human possibility.  Hands On Hartford serves neighbors, engages volunteers and connects communities, impacting the lives of many thousands of people each year.