Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Here are clues to help you find locations around Dollywood to take part in the Mesa Facebook Selfie Contest and be entered into the drawing for a grand prize. At each of the locations below, take a selfie (or two or three!) and after you have found all five (5) locations, upload all photos to Facebook as ONE post with both hashtags #Mesa2022 #Dollywood no later than Monday, August 29 by 5:00 PM. To be entered into the drawing, you must find all five correct locations AND upload them all as one Facebook post with both hashtags.

We have a special drawing for those who complete a bonus selfie in the scavenger hunt. If you take a selfie at all five locations AND take a selfie at the special BONUS location, you will be entered into a special drawing for bonus prize.

Be crazy, be silly, and just have fun! Enjoy the day at Dollywood with your family and your Mesa family.  We can’t wait to see your selfies!


  1. Take your first selfie to let everyone know where you are and that you have finally entered the park.
  2. As you head up to Timber Canyon, get your “heart” rate up. Show everyone how much you “love” Dollywood at this next selfie spot.
  3. It’s no “mystery” that this next selfie spot likes to talk a lot to those passing by. Keep walking by and disregard his warning…if you dare!
  4. When in the Wildwood Grove, make sure you flutter by this tree of many colors.
  5. As you walk through Craftsman’s Village with the smell of cinnamon bread in the air, stop at this selfie spot, Dollywood’s most iconic spot.


While in Wildwood Grove, we hope that by the end of the day, this is what you say.