Mesa Associates, Inc.
Procurement Dedicated Customer Services

Mesa has been procuring materials, equipment, supplies, and services for our clients since the early 1990s. Mesa has procured items for both government and commercial sectors, and in doing so has developed procurement processes to meet the most stringent client requirements, such as those imposed by the Department of Defense (DOD). Although most commercial clients do not require the level of security and documentation as the DOD, the same procurement practices are always followed.

Mesa’s Intranet Purchasing System

Mesa utilizes an automated, internet-based procurement system that contains information required to successfully complete the procurement process. This automated process combined with experienced personnel will provide our clients with a reliable and secure system at the best value for obtaining procurement support. Our vision is to be recognized for our value-added engineering services exemplified by:

  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Dedicated Customer Service

Our Policy

It is the policy of Mesa to select the best suppliers for our clients, to do all we reasonably can, and to let our clients determine precisely what that means. In some cases, clients tend to set high value on actual cost savings and practicality, whereas due to the accountability issues, some clients value competition and documentation. Our flexibility allows clients to limit competition to firms they have reason to rely on, perhaps from past experience.

Once the needs and client preference are identified, we will acquire the needed materials and services. All procurements will address the project-specific scope, schedule, budget, and level of quality based upon client needs.