Mesa Associates, Inc.
Control System Automation / Integration

In today’s full-service business, model owners want single-source service providers that can conceptualize, manage, and execute with minimal oversight. Mesa does just that, as the Control Systems Automation and Integration (CSI) concept is all about blurring lines and eliminating crosstalk between suppliers, thus simplifying the entire controls engineering process for the customer. This allows the customer to concentrate on making product, not managing subcontractors.

Mesa Industrial DivisionCompanies that can provide Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) services have a distinct advantage in the marketplace, providing both convenience and better quality service to the customer.

Mesa is EPC-ready and beyond by extending the EPC concept to the controls industry. Unlike most engineering firms, Mesa has embraced this facet of project delivery by maintaining a talented team of CSI specialists. The CSI team is integrated into the project team and removes potential delays and interface issues that can occur between the engineer and integrator. This streamlined interface results in fast-track completion and minimizes the interface issues that can occur.

In addition to performing CSI on major, multi-discipline projects, the team also delivers projects as a stand-alone integrator. Having the complete array of engineering disciplines available for technical resources is an added benefit to having full project team capabilities.

In short, Mesa is one of those leading edge companies that understands that what you, the owner, need is a good night’s sleep. As control systems experts, we know that you rely on us for your peace of mind. You may rest assured that we do not take that for granted. We understand that our continued success depends solely on the service we provide to you.

Products and Services

Engineering Studies

Mesa’s CSI leads are experienced industrial controls experts with accumulated hundreds of years experience, able to review your situation and make rational, concise recommendations that work. We will come to your site and provide instant analysis and recommendations at no cost to you. Or you may need a cost-effective feasibility study with detailed pricing and functional analysis. Either way, Mesa will respond to your needs.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Programming

Mesa’s integrators are experienced in most forms of IEC Ladder, Function Block, and Sequential Function Chart (SFC) type languages in use today. We move easily from platform to platform, between Allen-Bradley and Modicon, GE-Fanuc and Siemens. Our programmers are very comfortable in 24x7x365 environments with hot standby processing. We can integrate your PLC and your Programmable Automation Controller (PAC), or Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and vendor-provided weigh bin control package. Mesa’s FEL-based approach ensures a good outcome as Mesa generates your well-organized, high-powered control software. In most cases, program fragments are fully exercised and tested, paired with their associated GUI screens, before propagation.

Graphic User Interface (GUI) Configuration

GUI screen development is another key deliverable. As with the PLC, the FEL process is key to a well-organized set of screens that work well with the PLC program. Screen diagram templates are pre-designed and pre-approved. In most cases, the templates are pre-tested with their companion program fragments before cloning is allowed.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Mesa’s approach to enterprise-wide integration employs a multi-layer scheme of Ethernet-based industrial rings that segregate the information flow between the Control Layer, the SCADA Layer, and the Thin Client Layer. The SCADA Layer generally has a redundant pair of servers running an industry-leading control software package, and a data historian server. The Thin Client Layer has redundant thin client servers that serve data up to multi-monitor thin clients. Our SCADA experts work with C+, C++, VB, .NET, and many other popular programming environments in order to build your special report or custom application.

Server Setup and Configuration

Mesa’s Server Setup team procures and builds the servers, loading the software and then loading licenses and configuring them to operate in the project environment. The servers are generally built up in the Mesa offices and configured as part of the project mockup used in the Functional Acceptance Test.

Network Design / Maintenance

Mesa’s Network Support team has network diagnostic tools to assist you in finding your network gremlins. This small team of specialists understands the vagaries of data flow, Ethernet switch setup and behavior, and a multitude of other issues of import in the network arena. We excel at Ethernet, Modbus-Plus, Modbus, ControlNet, DH+, etc.

Checkout, Startup and Commissioning

Control systems integrators everywhere understand that they will be required to spend time onsite. This time can be very difficult if the project is not going well, or it can be rewarding if it is. Mesa’s due diligence during design ensures the best startups. Documentation is strictly maintained through the life of the project. Field changes are documented as they occur, so that the documentation provided at the end of the project reflects the project as installed.

Ongoing Technical Services

After your project is over, Mesa can arrange ongoing technical support services on a yearly contract basis. Terms include phone support through 24x7 emergency responders. This service also can include maintenance of your software service contracts, yearly software upgrades, and on-call engineering support.