Mesa Associates, Inc.
Machine Building

Design and Build Custom Machinery

Mesa Associates has the ability to design and build custom machinery to meet your specific plant needs. Since each customer has their own equipment specifications, we are proficient at adjusting our designs to a variety of different requirements.  In cases where the customer does not have written specifications, we can offer solutions that adhere to industry standards.

Mesa Associates is also willing to adjust to the required level of involvement.  We can supply engineering only, equipment only, build-to print, fixturing/tooling only, equipment replication, and controls/ programming only. Let us know how we can support you and we will provide a quote that matches your needs.

Abridged List of Capabilities

Mesa’s machine build department has a wide range of capabilities spanning all facets of material handling, fabrication, assembly, testing, and inspection:

  • Component/part pick and place
  • Machining center fixturing
  • Component and bulk conveyor systems
  • Barcoding and tracking systems
  • Vision systems for quality control
  • Vision systems for motion control
  • Assembly machines
  • Assembled part test machine
  • Assembled part inspection machines

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