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Integra Control Systems

Integra provides utilities with solutions to the problems of traditional SCADA systems. Integra is a full featured, integrated automation platform and software development tool that is based solely on Microsoft’s .NET technology.

It provides all the benefits of traditional SCADA and HMI packages while eliminating the burden of proprietary equipment and software and extraneous scripting languages. With Integra’s rich protocol support and powerful object library, you can rapidly design powerful real-time applications. With Integra, you decide how much functionality you get.

  • Web-based real-time Wind Farm Management
  • Non-proprietary Equipment and Software
    • Weather
    • Wind speeds
    • Turbine data
    • Substation data
  • Other Features
    • Graphical maps
    • Outage scheduling
    • Live video
    • Forecasting data
    • Historical enterprise data

For further information, please visit the Integra web site at