Mesa Associates, Inc.
Industrial Metals Industry


Mesa’s experience with the metals industry from both a design and operations perspective provides a wealth of knowledge to ensure projects perform to customer expectations.

As in all our projects, we take a broader look at the desired function of our projects and utilize our extensive experience in process and manufacturing operations to deliver a design that is productive and generating product rapidly. Specific experience includes:

Metals Process Experience


  • Melter Rebuild
  • Holder Rebuild
  • Preheat Rebuild
  • Carbon Block Baking Rebuild
  • Smelter Rebuild
  • Preheat Remote Control Doors


  • Casting Station Mods
  • Continuous Strip (Belt & Block)

Rolling Mills

  • Scratch Brush Redesign
  • Mill Coolant Spray Control
  • Gauge & Shape Control Upgrade
  • Thickness Measurement Upgrade
  • Roll Bending Upgrade
  • PLC Documentation System
  • DI Water Piping


  • Slitter Mods
  • Paint Lines (Strip & Profile)
  • Tension/Leveling
  • Annealing

Metals BOP Experience


  • Arc Flash Analysis
  • Fall Protection
  • Machine Guarding
  • Safety Lighting
  • Lighting
  • Transformer Evaluation
  • Dock Leveler
  • PM Programs
  • Structural Mods
    • Platforms
    • Building Additions
    • Fire Protection Mods
    • Steam Condensate Systems
    • Office Buildings

Ancillary Equipment/Systems

  • Crane Controls Replacement
  • Compressed Air Facility Redesign
  • Natural Gas Piping
  • Hot Oil Piping

Material Handling

  • Duct Mods
  • Shute Mods
  • Weigh Feeder Mods
  • Rotary Vane Feeder Mods
  • Conveyors