Mesa Associates, Inc.
Quality Assurance Papers

Our Comprehensive Program

Mesa's comprehensive Quality Assurance Program is based upon the American Society of Mechanical Engineers NQA-1, an American National Standard. This program is applied using a graded approach commensurate with the complexity and quality/safety requirements of the task at hand. This allows for economical implementation of program requirements without sacrificing quality. Project specific Quality Assurance Plans may be developed and implemented when needed to address specific customer requirements.

Mesa is committed to continuous improvement through the application of tools and methods designed to enhance quality, productivity and reliability including In Process Error Tracking (IPET™). Internal monitoring of quality performance is a key ingredient of this commitment. In addition to Quality Assurance Program requirements, all work performed by Mesa is subject to control in accordance with established policies, procedures, and work instructions to further assure the utmost in excellence of services provided to our customers.

External Audits

In addition to internal audits, Mesa has the capability to perform external audits both for the approval of suppliers and to achieve third party monitoring for our customers, i.e. Source Verification.