Mesa Associates, Inc.
Our History Chandrashekhar “Shekhar” Savant

Mesa Associates, Inc. founder, Chandrashekhar “Shekhar” Savant, received a bachelor’s degree of civil engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology. After working as an engineer for eight years, in 1976 Shekhar left his home in Bombay, India and came to the United States. Finding work as a dishwasher in a restaurant allowed Shekhar to support himself until he could continue his education. Once the restaurant owner discovered he was a civil engineer, the owner allowed Shekhar to design an extension to the restaurant. Thus began Shekhar’s engineering career in the United States. Shekhar’s wife, Ranjana, joined him in the U.S. eight months later.

After receiving a master’s degree in civil engineering from the University of West Virginia, Shekhar and his family moved several times with various jobs until settling in the Huntsville, Alabama suburb of Madison, in 1987. Shekahar had carried a dream for several years to have a multi-disciplined engineering firm that would ultimately become international in scope and reputation. Together, he and Ranjana talked about having a company that would be distinctly unique – not only in the way the company would treat customers, but perhaps more importantly, in the way it would treat its employees. Shekhar and Ranjana made a decision in 1988 to charter Mesa Associates, Inc. While performing engineering services for industrial clients in the Huntsville-Decatur area during the early years of the company, the Savants decided to pursue work in the electric utility market – a decision that ultimately lead to the success of Mesa.

Ranjana Savant

The spring of 1994 brought tragedy to the Savant family and to the company when Shekhar was killed in an unfortunate accident during a tornado. Ranjana, with the support of the Mesa employees, decided to keep Shekhar’s dream alive. Ms. Savant, President and CEO, currently manages the multi-discipline company that has grown to over 470 employees and 12 offices in the U.S. We have not allowed our judgment, related to dealing fairly and equitably with both customers and employees, be affected by the desire to increase sales and improve profitability. Mesa continues to build strong long-term relations with our customers by conducting ourselves with honesty and integrity. A reflection of the way Mesa treats our employees is their dedication and the personal interest each one takes in making the company successful. Employees are considered part of an extended family, the “Mesa Family”, and caring for our employees and their families was part of the original dream.

Today, Mesa offers multi-discipline engineering services to both Power Generation and Power Delivery markets. Our client base has diversified, serving utilities across the United States; over 75% percent of the company's $56 million in revenues for 2011 were generated in the electric utility industry. As a company, Mesa looks forward to continued growth in the utilities market by offering quality engineering at a good value.